Hi All,


Aisling Annacotty are running a LAST MAN STANDING competition in conjunction with the English Premiership League, as a fundraiser to match the grant the club have been allocated under the Sports Capital Grants Programme to develop the pitch and facilities in Annacotty. It is open to all – let me know if you are interested:


The competition is simple. In summary it works like this:


  • You choose a premiership team from the following fixture list for week no 1, 10th/11th/12th September 2016, and e-mail this team selection to Mark Maloney at this address.


10/11/12 September

Manchester United v Manchester City

Arsenal v Southampton

Bournemouth v West Brom

Burnley v Hull

Middlesboro v Crystal Palace

Stoke v Tottenham

West Ham V Watford

Liverpool v Leicester

Swansea v Chelsea

Sunderland v Everton


The coordinator, Mark Maloney, will email the weekly results and following weeks fixtures to you every week


  • If your team lose or draw on weekend of 10/11/12th September you are out.


  • If your team wins you select a different team from the next week fixtures sent to you and again email our coordinator, Mark, with your team selection and so on until you go through all 20 teams in the premier league.
  • The last man/lady standing will win 50% of the pot, to a maximum of €500


Attached link sets out the rules and conditions.


If you are interested to get you started you need to reply to this e-mail address (markmaloney_ie@yahoo.ie) before 12 pm Friday night (9th September) with:


  1. Your team selection for week 1
  2. Your name and email address. I need e-mail address for each player to facilitate direct contact for predictions
  3. Let me know how you are going to pay the €10 entry fee (can be given to me)/any other coach. I also attach a simple payment link to facilitate payment online( preferable method). Best to do online via PC/Laptop as link sometimes does not like mobile devices.


Please note that it is only one payment of €10 per entry for the competition – i.e. not €10 per week, with the winner getting 50% of the total collected, to a maximum of €500. The bigger the entry – The bigger the prize money !


Please forward e-mail to anyone else you think may be interested.




best regards


Mark Maloney

Aisling Annacotty